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A new take on traditional wedding gift idea - discover our individually designed wedding clocks and see how special your wedding gift really can be! You can make it as personal or as witty as you like, use an image like a family crest or coat of arms with a date or a blessing, or select from the range of clocks we currently have available. To make it all the easier for you, we source the family crests you want to feature on your clock, all the better to ensure that your clock becomes an heirloom! The text on your clock can be a font of your choosing, and the design of the clock can be completely yours. This wedding present will always be so much more than a simple clock, and it will last down through many years. Like love, our clocks don’t age, and they though they measure time, they never date!

Here’s an example of our work - this clock features the significant date, intertwined rings with names engraved, the Gaelic toast 'Is Fearr beagan den ghaoi na moran den charthanas' which translated means 'A little kinship is better than a lot of charity'.

The Gaelic toast, date and names shown in the image below are engraved using a Gaelic font.

Wedding Clock

Wedding Gifts

Mark the day and the hour on a specially commissioned plaque with both family crests, the date and the location of the wedding, and maybe even an image of the church. We have regularly sourced these coats of arms across Europe, so please don’t worry if a surname is obscure – we do like a challenge! Really, the choice is yours as to what you might put on this very special wedding gift, but we are always happy to help you out with ideas. Through our experience, we know what works and you know what best expresses your warmest wishes. As a wedding present idea, you simply can’t go wrong with a beautiful stone plaque that bears your love for the couple getting married.

A slate clock engraved with your very own Family Crests is a gift that combines quality, practicality with individuality in a way which simply can’t be matched.

Our engraved slate products will last for more lifetimes and could well be handed on to your children's children great grandchildren! They most likely will become family heirlooms.

Oconnor Lough Rynn Wedding Coat of Arms Crests and Clock

Anniversary Clocks

Our Slate clocks are perfect for wedding anniversaries too – when a couple has been together long enough to have everything, give them something they will treasure for the love it brings. Maybe it’s for your daughter and her husband, your relatives living far away, or for your parents close by, immortalise your love for them in a stone clock featuring your design, your specially chosen image, and your special message. You may want to feature an image of the couple with their children and perhaps grandchildren – this gift is one way of ensuring that your warm wishes live on, maybe into future generations!

Engraved images on slate

Engraved images on slate are always welcome gifts. Today, just about every family has an image of a family get together or occasion that tells a story of caring, love or happiness, a photo that transforms the memory of that day into reality. If you have a photo like that, just think how it would look if it was enlarged engraved on slate and turned into a piece of art.....

A gift that would truly express your thoughtfulness in a way that will remain with them for all time.

Even if your favourite photograph is creased and torn we can restore it. We can also work directly from negatives and slides as well as digital images.

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Sean Ciara

Wedding Favors

Definitely unique, stylish and simple, this contemporary favor adds a natural touch of romance to any table.

The favor is an elegant personalised lasting memento of your wedding day. Material used is natural slate, 85mm diameter, and it is engraved with date of wedding and couple’s names around a pair of intertwined hearts.

Favors are packed in a silky organza bag. Standard colour is white, other colours are available on request subject to quantity.

Design can be personalised e.g. monogrammed initials if required.


Ordering is simplicity itself - call (+353 65 68 45082 / +353 87 2555391) or email us us details of your requirements to place your order. We will send draft layout for your approval. Once approved we will manufacture your unique gift and ship it to you.

Depending on the approval process we usually ship within five working days, but in the case of 'last minute' orders we can expedite.

You can rest assured that the gift we create for you will be a thing of beauty that will last forever.

We personalise our products in unique ways for the occasion, the receiver and the giver as required.