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KANE LASER has been supplying quality engraved products since 2009. In 2012 we turned our expertise to designing and creating a range of personalised Irish gifts using materials sourced in Ireland and launched Irish Gift Solutions.

Perfect for wedding, anniversary, retirement, corporate or any gift-giving occasion, engraved gifts will be treasured and remembered for years to come.

While personalisation of individual products with text has been widespread for many years, we take it to another level by engraving one off items with personalised images, such as corporate logo, family crest or family photograph.

Branding ensures that your corporate product or premium business gift has the highest perceived value and achieves maximum impact.

Typically customers email us a digital image or post a photograph to us. We then prepare layout artwork based on the occasion and the details the customer wishes to include prior to production.

Bog Yew Plaque 2T Family Crests and Clock 5 Baby Girl Hurley

A full range of product ideas is available on our e-commerce site www.irishgiftsolutions.com or you can contact us with your requirements via email or on 087 2555391.

We personalise our products in unique ways for the occasion, the receiver and the giver as required.