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At Kane Laser, we ensure that your corporate product or premium business gift has the highest perceived value and achieves maximum impact by working with our customers to create a product that will exceed their expectations.

Custom Products

Pictured is an image of the 'Three Nines' clock or the 'emergency services' clock. This clock uses a combination of 'three nines' to denote each hour on the clock face. On the above image only four hours were designated with the three nines due to the addition of two crests.

Image inserted is of the Pol na mBrón dolmen located in the Burren area of Clare.

chief Fire Officers Clock Engraved Irish Yew

Engraved Irish Bog wood plaque

The polished Irish Bog Yew plaque pictured below has been carbon dated as being 4800 years old. Bog Yew makes particularly attractive plaques when sanded, polished and varnished. The plaque pictured below measures approx. 600x400x45mm.

We can engrave your plaque or indeed source a plaque in either bog oak or bog yew to meet your requirements. To view our carefully selected Bog wood pieces please visit our online store

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We personalise our products in unique ways for the occasion, the receiver and the giver as required.