Clock Gifts


When you are choosing a gift for someone very special, a valued customer, or a loyal friend, a personalised clock can be the perfect solution. It will be seen several times a day, it will last a lifetime and it may even be passed to the next generation! We personalise our clocks to your requirements. Wall-mounted clocks are designed on slate, with a range of sizes, designs and framing options available. Our e-commerce site Irish Gift Solutions showcases our current collection.

Corporate Clocks

Personalised logo gift clocks are ideal gifts for employees and customers alike. Set beautifully on the clock face, your logo enjoys exposure all day, every day. Each new hour puts your company in front of present and future customers. Mounted on the wall, your personalised clock markets your brand effectively – it’s the timepiece that dutifully conducts clients and their customers through the day.

Of course we can also engrave clocks with images of local buildings or historical sites.

The above clock shows an image of the famous Pol na Bron located in the Burren, Co. Clare. The clock was commissioned for the Chief Fire Officer's Association Conference. Dubbed the "999 clock" or "Emergency Clock" we lost a few brain cells in the calculations, but still feel quietly pleased with our ingenuity.

Wedding Coat of Arms Crests and Clock Keen Framing Chief Fire Officers Clock

The Irish Mammy Clock

This gift was originally conceived as the "What time is it there now?' clock. It is definitely an ideal gift for mums and dads whose offspring have moved overseas.

Like all outstanding products this clock was designed to meet an important market requirement. In this case the requirement was as an answer to parents and in particular the Irish Mammy trying to figure out the time in the various time-zones where their offspring are located around the world. New York, Perth, Brisbane, San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Melbourne, Wollongong are just some of the cities in the United States, Canada and Australia that have welcomed our offspring.

The first question so many emigrants hear when on the telephone to home - is 'what time is it there now?'. This clock solves that problem by showing both the local time and the time in various cities that you select around the world. Clocks include a picture of a landmark in each city or alternatively a picture of the family member in that location can be used.

Irish Mammy Slate Clock

Contact us via email or on 0872555391 if you would like us to design and create a bespoke clock as a special and unique gift.

We personalise our products in unique ways for the occasion, the receiver and the giver as required.