House Signs


New products are still being developed using Liscannor’s famous flagstone, and shipped to all corners of the world. Our house signs are one such product, and by laser engraving the flagstone we maintain the shape of the original worm cast.

The quarries from which the flagstone is obtained were formed from eroded mountains that were washed down and deposited in ancient seas when Ireland was submerged during the Upper Carboniferous period about three hundred million years ago.

Standard house signs are produced in rectangular and elliptical shapes and are typically 25 -35 mm thick. However we can produce custom signs in any shape and size, with your choice of text and font type. We do not engrave images onto Liscannor flagstone.

housesign liscannor45

Home & Garden

Creating a sign for your garden or an image of your favourite pet on slate adds character either indoors or outside.

Granite & Slate

We also supply engraved slate and granite signs, for both homes and estates.

Each sign is custom made - you select material text, fonts, image/logo as appropriate.

Above is engraved granite sign with text in Gaelic style font.

Granite signs are supplied as standard with polished faces and polished chamfered edges.

Signs can be optionally protected with Nanopool's liquid glass, which virtually eliminates cleaning and provides an anti graffiti barrier.

The shape of the sign can range from simple rectangle to complex shape - such as map of Ireland.

We will email you a layout to approve prior to creating your sign to ensure you are 100% happy with it and we are happy to arrange worldwide shipping.

granite house sign plaque

We welcome enquiries via email or on 0872555391.

We personalise our products in unique ways for the occasion, the receiver and the giver as required.